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It would be a shame for you to miss a great skiing experience while you are in Lake Tahoe. Anyone can go skiing.  Here is a quick way to your satisfaction and all the information you need. In less than a minute you can find the best source for skiing information. Here are some of the links. 

Skiing Links:

http://www.tahoevacationguide.com/Activities/alpinemeadows.html http://www.tahoevacationguide.com/Activities/boreal.html

Experience the joy and satisfaction today of the very best skiing in lake tahoe and you will understand why people are raving about these amazing place and why they are so excited to visit.

Snow Boarding

Are you sitting their inside your house thinking about snow boarding?  In fact it’s something you’ve been thinking about for quite a long time, which is why you have decided to look us up. Well you are in the right place. What we have are links to the very best snow boarding site in Tahoe available on the web today.

Snow Boarding Link


Snowmobiling is not hard to find In Tahoe

If you’ve spent any time snowmobiling, you know you cannot wait to go out there again and again. It is some experience, is it not?

If you are truly interested in the very best snowmobiling experience in Lake Tahoe, then be sure you click the link below.

Snow Mobiling links:


Have ever been up there ballooning?

Yes, everyone should go ballooning, at least once in his or her life.  We can tell you that our guests have enjoyed ballooning in Lake Tahoe. To get a bird’s eye view of the beauty of Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas is an experience you will never forget.

How often do you find yourself saying: I wish I knew how to get the most out of ballooning but just did not know where to start? Well you have found a place for information on ballooning so be sure to click the links on this page.

Ballooning links:


When you are here at the cabin, take a short drive to the ballooning point, and watch the beautiful abundance of nature.

May be the world’s best hiking trails!

Well you can be the judge, if you are a hiker, please visit the following hiking websites.

Hiking links:


Get the maps and don’t forget to let us know about your hiking experience. Please take a moment of your time and visit our guest book on contact us page. Note that you are getting this valuable information of so many of interesting subjects, is because people like yourself have passed on the information.

Do you enjoy biking?

Our cabin visitors who enjoy biking are delighted with the accommodations, the room, the garage and the backyard. If you are a biker you will enjoy the designated bike routes in and around Lake Tahoe area. Biking is fun when you are surrounded by beautiful settings of Lake Tahoe. While you are here if you need any help with your bike we suggest you visit the following links.

Biking links:

You want to be romantic?
Take your spouse boating!

Everyone wants to know why boating is so romantic. It’s a more popular topic than you might think, which is why people put extra effort in building a business of giving you an outstanding boating experience.Naturally we wouldn’t have devoted energy to this if we didn’t care about it, we know that many families have bonded on a boating trips, so we wanted to help you find the boating info you need. To learn more about boating while you are here click on the boating links.

Boating links:


Lets go cross-country skiing!

Do you have the energy to go cross-country skiing?Some of our guests have related the cross county skiing experiences to us. They have gone cross-country skiing with friends and family and have had the time of their life. To find out more about good locations for your level check out the following links.

Cross-country Ski links:


The secret of this is in locating cross-country skiing locations that are hard to find. Now it has been done for you and you have found all the information you need on cross-country skiing. You can, of course spend your valuable time, looking at descriptions of the places in the hope of finding a better place, but you just will not find a better place than lake Tahoe. Just get out there and have fun.

Cross Country Skiing

Summer Links:

Here are some additional links for things to do and information about Tahoe in the summer!

Summer Links:



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